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2017-01-03 15:30:35 by TheEvaluh

Hey I have a twitter now. here. stay tuned.

Pico Day

2016-05-09 01:42:48 by TheEvaluh

I just got back from the event and I can gladly say I had a great time. I got to meet a lot of cool people and I hope to come back next year (and I'll definitely be less awkward now that I know what to expect, I felt like such a creepy asshole, waltzing around without a clue). Shoutout to Tom for hosting an awesome party and thanks to Joe Gran, Barfconvention, Zanzlanz, Sabtastic, Johnnyutah, Tyyobr0, Rikert, Tomamoto and all the other super friendly people I got a chance to talk with and shake hands and what not. I regret not taking any good pictures at the event, so heres a picture of me typing this while also very tired. I hope everyone had a swell weekend and I gots more cartoons on the way! 5134642_146277250561_babyboy.jpg

poop is funny

2016-03-03 23:17:14 by TheEvaluh


The Frank Reynolds Excersize

2016-03-01 22:28:13 by TheEvaluh

Starting today, March 1st, I am going to draw 1 Danny Devito everyday on the same image file for the entire month. This will be a tough challenge to tackle, but I believe in myself.

Hang in there, knuckleheads!

2016-02-08 01:13:57 by TheEvaluh

I'm working real hard on my new cartoon. I'm doing a lot more frame by frame shit to step outside of my comfort zone. For those of you waiting, I highly recommend veiwing Thefoodreviewer on Youtube, as he creates high quality content that will tingle your taste buds and keep you entertained for hours on end. #doublestuffooreos



coming soon

2016-01-29 19:28:23 by TheEvaluh

my new cartoon is going to be jawsome

Microphones are good

2016-01-01 18:26:54 by TheEvaluh

Hey knuckleheads! I finally got a new microphone for voice acting and making fart sounds with my mouth. I do not have much room or will for a special recording setup, so my best option was to get a Yeti. Now it just sits in the corner and watches me draw while it grunts loudly. Hopefully my new work will sound much better. If it doesn't and I'm a suck, let me know; feel free to unleash your hatred! I won't be satisfied until I sound like butter in your ears. Happy new year, chums. Stay tuned for more cringe prank compilations.